About Us:

M & R Logistics, LLC is a member of the GlobalTranz Freight Organization. M & R Logistics owns and operates the website www.ishiptoday.com

We provide our customers with an all in one shipping platform. You can Quote, Book, Track & Trace all your freight shipments in one system. We provide solutions based on our years of experience and industry knowledge.

We know that it may be convenient for companies to have their suppliers arrange the shipping of goods purchased, but with our tools and low discount volume pricing, you will see an improvement on your bottom line and an increase in efficiency.

  • Utilize our buying power (2019 – 1.6 billion) to get discounted rates on LTL shipping.
  • Better control when and how your goods are shipped.
  • Better visibility over each shipment to increase inventory control
  • You control the delivery date
  • We eliminate the need to contact carriers direct as we will handle for you
  • All freight will be billed separately with no add-ons

Contact us today to discuss your current shipping process and needs; we will be happy to provide a solution that fits both.

Michael LeWinter -- Founder & CEO

Michael LeWinter grew up in Miami Florida.. He specializes in assisting companies with their freight by providing them freight solutions to streamline their shipping processes specifically to reduce their overall freight spend. He brings over 13 years’ experience in the Transportation Industry. He is highly experienced in all facets of the transportation industry including, LTL, TL, International, Tradeshow, and small parcels.
Before working in the Transportation Industry he spent 10 years working in Hotels, Restaurants, and nonprofits. He has a degree in Hospitality Administration with a minor in Sports Management from Florida State University. Working in the field really prepared him for the extensive customer service required for the Transportation Industry.
Michael lives in Phoenix Arizona, where you will find him enjoying the wonderful weather (8 months out of the year) hiking, golfing, and staying active with his wife Rachel, their two daughters Ava and Alexa and their dog Vino.